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Groco offers a full line of quality vinyl acrylic and acrylic latex paints for commercial and residential use, both interior and exterior.


  • Super Guard Interior Latex Wall Paint (Flat) – high quality, durable, flat finish interior wall paint that is stain resistant and completely washable.
  • Pro Hyde Interior Latex Wall Paint (Flat) – durable, flat finish interior wall paint; ideal for contractors.
  • Apartment Maintenance Coating (Eggshell Finish) – exceptionally durable; formulated specifically for multiple uses as a wall paint as well as for wooden surfaces such as trim, doors and cabinets.
  • Decorator’s Eggshell Finish – perfect for contractors; durable; formulated specifically for multiple uses, as a wall paint and for wooden surfaces such as trim, doors and cabinets.
  • Pro Hyde Interior Latex Semi-Gloss Enamel – latex enamel that dries in a matter of minutes to a beautiful semigloss sheen.
  • Quick Wall Primer – white-pigmented, fast drying, efficient sealer, exceptional adhesion, provides excellent foundation coat for all latex wall paints.


  • GRO-LAC® Waterborne Gloss Clear – VOC-compliant; may be used as a clear coat for wood, metal, masonry, and certain ceramics.
  • Permo Life Latex House Paint – high quality, extremely durable exterior paint; allows breathing without blistering or damaging film; exhibits ultimate in color retention and mildew resistance.
  • BF-100 Latex Fibered Coating – durable, fungus and mildew resistant waterproofing material with excellent filling and sealing properties; provides tile-like semigloss finish.
  • Tex Flex Textured Coating – provides textured finish; has ability to fill, seal and remain flexible for many years; available in fine, medium and coarse textures.
  • Permo Life Latex Stain Resistant Primer – premium quality primer for new, wooden exterior surfaces; prevents bleeding through of redwood, cedar and fir materials; long-lived flexibility.
  • GRO-MAST™ INDUSTRIAL COATING – white, reflective, mildew resistant coating is suitable for a variety of surfaces. This product offers superior flexibility and elongation even at low temperatures when applied at a mil thickness of 20 mils dry film. Provides protection from hail damage; helps to lower energy costs by reflecting heat from the sun; has superior weathering properties thereby reducing building maintenance.
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