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TRANSSEAL® TPF is a "breathable" temporary protective film designed to protect finished automotive paint surfaces during assembly and transit. The performance of the TRANSSEAL® film is very similar to that of a skin or membrane, allowing the paint surface to breath or out-gas while protecting the paint finish from mutilation and/or environmental damage.

This unique, universal technology may be used to safely protect 1K, 2K and waterborne paint systems over sheet metal, TPO, RIM, SMC, Xenoy, Norel, Ryanite, and certain types of painted and molded automotive plastics.

At application, the TRANSSEAL® TPF sheet film acts like a "shrink wrap" packaging material easily conforming to component surfaces. Both TRANSSEAL® TPF sheet film and the TRANSSEAL® liquid coating technology are classified as Class II Non-Hazardous Industrial Waste and may be disposed of according to local, city and state regulations. The TRANSSEAL® may be recycled back into the plastics industry.

The TRANSSEAL® TPF sheet film is available in widths up to sixty inches. For production line applications, automatic and manual dispensing units are available to dispense, cut to length, and control the carrier sheet. Airless spray application is also available for automotive assembly.

Technical Data Sheets available upon request.