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GRO-MAST™ Industrial Coating is a revolutionary white, high-hiding, reflective, mildew resistant, 100% acrylic, elastomeric, protective coating for roofs and masonry surfaces. It is formulated with the highest quality raw materials available. The type and high content of acrylic vehicle causes the product to have superior tensile strength and elongation properties when applied at a mil thickness of 20 mils dry film. It contains no plasticizers to leach out and cause the membrane to become brittle, offering superior flexibility and elongation at low temperatures. Scientific laboratory testing has established the fact that GRO-MAST™ will endure the elements of weathering for many years without deterioration.

The above actual photographs depict how GRO-MAST™ can lower roof surface temperatures because of its reflective qualities. Notice how the egg on the untreated metal surface on the left is fried from the heat of the sun, while the egg on the right on the surface protected by GRO-MAST™ is virtually unchanged from its original state.


GRO-MAST™ Industrial Coating:

  • exhibits excellent adhesion to a wide variety of substrates; may be applied on galvanized steel, pre-primed or pre-painted steel, built up roofs, rolled asphalt, urethane foam, tar, gravel, concrete, cinder block, masonry, stucco, plaster, sheet rock, and primed wood
  • offers superior flexibility and elongation even at low temperatures when applied at a mil thickness of 20 mils dry film
  • provides protection from hail damage
  • protects urethane foam from damaging ultraviolet rays
  • helps lower energy costs by reflecting heat from the sun
  • has superior weathering properties thereby reducing building maintenance


GRO-MAST™ Industrial Coating may be easily applied by roller or spray, or by brush for small jobs and is water-soluble, allowing ease of application with water clean up.

Additionally GRO-MAST™ is available fortified with fiberglass fibers. This product is called GRO-MAST™ Industrial Sealer-Filler Coating, 702-1125. It is a 100% acrylic elastomeric fiberglass filler product formulated for sealing around bolts, fasteners, seams, joints, and laps.

GRO-MAST™ Industrial Sealer-Filler Coating is suitable for a variety of substrates and may be applied on galvanized steel, concrete, cinder blocks, and primed wood.