What is the GRO-KOTE™ Concrete Finish System?
  • GRO-KOTE™ Concrete Overlay is a balanced concrete, sand and polymer mix to apply over existing old concrete to create stamped concrete effects.
  • GRO-KOTE™ Concrete Premix is a balanced concrete, sand and polymer mix to apply over existing old concrete to create textured and patterned effects.
How thick are GRO-KOTE™ Concrete Finishes applied?

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They are usually applied 1/8" to 1/4" thick but may be applied thicker when applied in layers. Also, a mesh of alkali-resistant fiberglass may be applied for support when applying the material thicker or for patching cracks.
Is the deck finished after this material is dried?
No. The GRO-KOTE™ Concrete Finish is then coated with a color finish using GRO-LAC®'s Acrylic Deck Finishes and then a top coat is applied of GRO-LAC® Acrylic Solvent Base Clear or GRO-LAC® Acrylic Water Base Clear.

Concrete Templates Available.
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How many colors and patterns can be achieved with this system?
Many different template patterns and texture finishes can be achieved. GRO-LAC® Acrylic Deck Finishes come in twelve standard colors and a custom color deck is available for choosing custom tinting of up to 1,200 different color specifications.
What other decorative finishes can be achieved with GRO-KOTE™ Concrete Finishes?
A variety of stamped patterns can be applied using the GRO-KOTE™ Concrete Overlay system. This system is applied the same way as the GRO-KOTE™ Concrete Premix but is stamped to create rock patterns. The GRO-KOTE™ Concrete Overlay is then stained to the desired color with GRO-LAC® Acrylic Stain. After the stain has dried, a one or two coat application of GRO-LAC® Acrylic Solvent Base Clear is applied as a top coat.
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How long does it take to complete a job?
With good weather, this process normally takes five to eight days depending on the initial preparation required on the old concrete surface.
What is the step-by-step application method for
GRO-KOTE™ Concrete Finishes?
First the old concrete surface is high-pressure washed and allowed
to dry. Then the old concrete cracks or imperfect surface definitions are repaired. After the repair is dry, a thin squeegee coat of
GRO-KOTE™ Concrete Premix is applied for leveling and to make a good bond coat for the next step. Then a stencil is applied to the bond coat and a coat of GRO-KOTE™ Concrete Premix is applied with a trowel or spray texture gun. After that coat dries, a coat of GRO-LAC® Acrylic Deck Finish is applied with the customer color specification. Once that coat is dry, a coat of GRO-LAC® Acrylic Solvent Base Clear or GRO-LAC® Acrylic Water Base Clear is applied as a top coat and the deck is complete.
How long before the deck can be walked on?
The deck may be walked on after the top coat has been dry for 24 hours minimum.
When can the surface have furniture set on it?
Normal waiting time before placing furniture on GRO-KOTE™ Concrete Finish surfaces is 48 hours. However, the surface should be checked for complete hardness before setting furniture on it. If the surface is a little soft, wait an additional 24 hours.
If the finish becomes scratched, can it be touched up or repaired?
Yes. GRO-KOTE™ Concrete Finishes are fully repairable should any accidents occur damaging the surface.
Can the finish be washed when dirt gets on it?
Yes. The surfaces of GRO-KOTE™ Concrete Finishes may be washed or cleaned periodically. Do not use abrasive cleansers. Use general purpose cleaners with a soft deck brush.
Are GRO-KOTE™ Concrete Finishes nonskid?
No. To make GRO-KOTE™ Concrete Finish surfaces nonskid, very fine sand would need to be added to the top coat.
Where can I purchase GRO-KOTE™ Concrete Finishes?
Please call us at 972-286-7890.
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